The Bar Exam is Next Week...

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Its the week before the bar exam and I know that you can't sleep, can't talk, and if you were like me, can't eat either. With only a few days remaining before the big day. I just want to share a few thoughts.

If you have done the work, push through!

I know it may feel like you're not ready or you can't do this. You may be getting an "easy" MBE question wrong or missing issues on your essays. Keep going!  Don't take this as indicator of your pass/fail capability. That memory recall and fight or flight will kick in on the day of the exam. Like Creed, you have done the training, in the desert. You are capable of beating this!

At some point, stop studying.

If you try to study up until the day of the bar, you will do yourself a huge disservice. It's the equivalent of cramming. You won't remember what you're studying and even worse you may confuse what you already know. After 8-10 weeks in training, what you do 1-2 days before will not have a huge impact. I'm sure Creed didn't work out the day before the big fight. (Not the one he lost, the one he won).

Get some dummy stimuli.

At this point you are eating, sleeping, breathing, and bathing with the law. As you should be, but you have to turn your brain off.  I found Disney movies to be extremely helpful with this. They were no-brainers. I would put them on and doze off to sleep. I did not want to be enticed by anything on social media or anyone (phone on airplane mode), but I did need a distraction. Disney movies are harmless during bar prep.

And most importantly….

All you can do is all you can do and if that's all you can do, then it's all you can do.

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Put on that Creed II soundtrack and FIGHT!

Always secure the bag,

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